If you have a website or ecommerce, make sure your website design is customized to display on all devices correctly: on desktops, smartphones, tablets, etc. If your web site opens properly on all of these devices, your website is responsive or customized for mobile views. And this is one of the key conditions that a website must meet if you want to achieve main web goal (good search engine position, business success, increased traffic, conversions, etc.). But if your website is not responsive, it’s time to take action as soon as possible.

Responsive websites give you a good user experience, no matter what device you use for browsing. Global statistics on the use of mobile devices for website usage show that mobile phones have already taken dominance and that a total of 54.37% of all views in 2021 come from mobile devices while the desktop has dropped to 43.15%.

You can see detailed statistics on the website Statcounter:


The use of smartphones and tablets has changed the approach to design and user experience, which is especially evident when interacting with websites – completely different from used on desktops. Therefore, adapting a website to mobile devices is a key factor that you need to consider when designing a new website. So a website is responsive if it is open on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop computer and always looks good and gives users a pleasant experience.

5 main reasons why you need responsive design?

  1. Improve your position Google search results:

After redesigning or creating a new website, you will see that your position on Google has improved significantly. Responsive design is one of the basic factors of SEO optimization.

  1. Increase the reach of your target audience

Increasing business activities with smartphone responsive design is especially important for local businesses. As many as 94% of smartphone users search for local information about websites via mobile phones, and 84% of them take some action, such as buying or contacting a company.

  1. Increasing competitive advantage

Responsive website design is becoming the standard, so its introduction will significantly increase the advantage over the competition.

  1. Improved user experience

The responsive design provides an optimal user experience no matter which platform they use. Optimizing your website makes it easier for the user. Great user experience is a must.

  1. Maximize Social Media Referrals

Over 90% of internet access on mobile devices is for engaging in social activities, like social media.

When you mobilize your website, you ensure that possible leads will not get distracted by a poor layout when they visit your mobile website through social media referrals.

If you want optimized, modern and functional websites that you will update yourself later, send us an inquiry.